This is the first post of the Iowa City Babywearer’s Blog! It’s been a LONG time coming!

Let me tell you a little bit about the group:

We are a casual group of babywearing enthusiasts that meet bi-monthly to talk, teach and advocate babywearing with the public, free of charge. The group began just over seven years ago in Iowa City with three “leaders” including (myself) Aradia. Early on one of the founding leaders left to focus on her business (as a doula) and the other moved out of the area about a year ago. Fortunately, we have gained new enthusiastic and informed moderators!

The goal is that our other moderators will be able to post their own articles to the blog, highlighting their own babywearing-related skills and interests. For the most part I will do my best to keep the blog up-dated weekly with informative articles, tutorials and answers to FAQs from group meetings or online.

We have a fairly active Facebook group– if you are interested in more information about meeting times and locations, please join us on Facebook!

Now let me introduce myself! 

My name is Aradia. I have been babywearing for a little over twelve years. My favorite carrier in theory is the wrap, but in practice I most often use my Ergo (up-down toddlers and all). I almost exclusively do back-carries because I have a bad back. I find back-wrapping newborns is easier than back-wrapping a four-month old but I always get undeserved admiration for the former. I have cut myself off from buying any new baby carriers until (or if) I have a child(ren) of my own.

Before I became involved with the Iowa City Babywearers I was that annoying woman-on-the-street, recommending babywearing to total strangers who found themselves carrying an upset baby while trying to pull an unwieldy stroller. Thankfully, I have developed a bit more finesse (I am happy to let people approach me now) and I am happy to see how much babywearing is growing in recognition.

I have been working with infants and children for about fifteen years. I have used a stroller thrice in that time, only once was it not a complete disaster (two three-year-olds in the stroller and a baby wrapped on my back). I have a degree with a focus on anthropology. I am very interested in ethnopediatrics and much of my research revolved around the study of pregnancy, birth and infant care around the world and throughout history. I am a history nerd.

I have other interests as well, including food (eating, cooking, baking, eating), foraging, gardening, cats, fiber arts, jewelry making, making my own cosmetics and toiletries, costuming, interior design and advocacy work (lactivism, intactivism, what-else-can-I-end-with-“ism”?).

In addition to working as a nanny, I have side businesses as a transcriptionist and I volunteer for the University of Iowa Library’s Special Collections, transcribing manuscripts online in my free time (I did mention the history-nerd thing, right? yeah.)

Baby J (nine weeks old) asleep on my back in an Ellaroo wrap,
 in a Back Wrap Cross Carry,
with the shoulders hiked up so I could do some housework.
(Please excuse the blurriness of the selfie.)
(AND… FYI: using a cell phone camera when you
don’t have access to a reflective surface
 is a great way to check your wrap-job!)

Posted by Aradia.

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