A Hot Cuppa: Eating and Drinking While Babywearing

One of the more simple pleasures of babywearing for a parent is the ability to cradle your baby close AND hold a cup of tea/coffee/cider. However, like a litigious woman at a McDonald’s drive through know, accidents can happen. And when scalding liquid is involved it can be tragic.

Never drink or eat hot things directly over your baby, and be especially vigilant if your baby can grab at things. If you are wearing your baby on your front or hip, turn your head and shoulders completely to the opposite side of your baby to imbibe. Or better yet: try a back carry.

IF the worst happens– your cuppa experiences a complete lid malfunction and dumps scalding liquid on your baby in a carrier, you need to immediately unwrap and undress your baby– even the diaper needs to come off. Gently pour over or immerse baby in luke-warm to cool water (not cold, and NO ICE) for fifteen minutes, then keep baby at a stable temp (skin to skin is best) and seek immediate medical attention.

Posted by Aradia.

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