For Love or…

“Why do you baby wear?”

A simple enough question in of itself.  Seems straightforward.  Seems like it would have a simple answer.  But somehow it never really does.

The question was asked recently in a Facebook group I moderate and the answers were as diverse as the people answering.

To get chores done.  To help baby sleep.  I hate strollers.  To keep the little one safe from older siblings.  On and on it went.  But my favorite answer was simple and concise.

“For my baby.”

This little guy right here.

 And this one.  

I babywore from the beginning. Day one.  For no other reason than it felt natural and right and exactly what I was supposed to be doing as a mother.  
Others could give you the evolutionary reason for babywearing (they’ve said it’s how and why we evolved as a species).  They could give you the scientific reason (there are many).  But there are also the practical and emotional reasons for wearing.  
But whatever your reason is, just wear.  Be it for Love or Practicality or Culture or Whatever.  In a Simple Piece of Cloth (SPOC) or a $1000 wrap (oh yes, they exist).

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