Guest Post: "Babywearing Freak-Out" by Kari Suhl

Not having a carrier handy for me is the difference between a good day and a bad one.

    As a mom of 4 [children] ages 3 and under, carriers are my sanity. I was introduced to baby wearing when my second child was born. I went through an “omg how do I get anything done!” phase. Couple that with a hard birth and I was in hell. I fell in love because of that Sleepy Wrap (now Boba wrap).

    My youngest tends to be a little more high needs with me. My fiance can put him to sleep without a peep from him! Its almost like he thinks whenever I am near he has to touch me (which is OK until one of the other three need me) or its “Oh wait! FOOD!” I started wearing him as soon as I was healed enough from my c-section. I put him in the ring sling or my Chakras [a Girasol brand colorway] ringless sling and off we go for our daily routine with brief diaper changes in between. Having him on my front is great for nursing but bad for my high speed on a mission of deep cleaning binges. 

    So with a fussy baby in one arm, I went to reach for one of my DIY SSCs [do-it-yourself soft-structured carrier] and It. Wasn’t. There. OK, don’t panic. Search the kid’s room. Cue frantic search of a toy strewn room: It. Wasn’t. There. Search cleaning closet where I keep my second DIY SSC as my youngest daughter is afraid of the vacuum: It. Wasn’t. There. At this point I really freak out.

    I now realize that these carriers have to be in my van which my fiance has an hour away. Here comes the Facebook freak out begging Leslie for help. When I get in these cleaning binges nothing gets in my way but there was no way I was going to let my son cry. As I sat refreshing Facebook like a lunatic pleading to the gods that Leslie sees my post it hits me: I don’t have anything long enough for a wrap but I do have a bag of extra long single sized sheets that are waiting for their trip to Goodwill.

    I grab a flat sheet and scissors and go to work. I folded the sheet in half the long way and cut along the crease. I superman tossed him on my back while kneeling on my bed. I grabbed the rail with the hemmed edge in my right hand and brought it across his back going right side to left and under his left leg being mindful that the pass stayed knee too knee. I brought both ends to my chest and double knotted. I did the same on the left side bringing the sheet from left to right, tucking under his right knee, bringing both ends to my chest and double knotting again being mindful of staying knee to knee. Tada! Back carry with a sheet!
    He ended up tucking his face in and riding out my cleaning binge sound asleep and safely on his mama’s back. I did end up readjusting the knots lower as they were digging into my chest and felt like they were choking me.
    It wasn’t the comfiest carry in the world. It made me realize a wrap is definitely going on my Christmas list, but in the end the cleaning was done, my son was happy, and my other three kiddos were wore out from keeping up with mom. A very good and productive day! Author: Kari Suhl, a member of the Babywearers of Cedar Rapids
    Edited by Aradia Paganus

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