Carryof the Week with Kelsey: Forward/Front Cross Carry (FWCC)

Week One: Forward/Front Cross Carry 

(aka Front Wrap Cross Carry) (FWCC)

Wrapping Wednesday! Today is the meat and potatoes. The basic. The first carry almost everyone learns. The carry that will get you through just about anything. Forward/Front Cross Carry (FWCC). This carry is done with your base size. Most typically with a 6 although fluffy mamas may prefer a 7 and I myself as a petite mama prefer a 5.

I am linking two videos today because there are two areas where you can vary on this carry. The first is, do you start with the baby on you or do you put the wrap on and then the baby? The second is do you bunch the rails or do you spread them?

With Kelsey:

I tend to spread the passes for newborns because I tuck their head into the rail. I do however spread the straps on wcmt. Weird, I know.”

FWCC in a Girasol Amitola Black Twill Weave size 5. Clara is 12 weeks old and has excellent head control so I no longer tuck it in.

With Aradia: 

Demonstrating newborn head tuck in the spread rails– using a Moby wrap with newborn.

With Hai:

I find it easier to put the wrap on first then load baby in when doing the FWCC. Spread for more support & coverage when breastfeed. Bunch up the rails when it’s warm out allows for more airflow which will be cooler for both wearer & wearee.”

FWCC using a size 4 Oscha Braid Islay, baby is 17 month-old & 20lbs.


 I agree with hai. I wrapped first and since it is warm out I bunched the rails. Using osnaburg from hobby lobby until my new little frog woven arrives.”

With Renee: 

Rocking the FWCC at Hickory Hill. 

 Size 6 Lenny Lamb Coffee Lace

Recommended Instructional Videos:

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