The Call of Nature!

You’ve finally got baby to sleep, in a carrier, after an hour + long scream-session.
Your arms are free to go about your business… but wait. You need to pee. Now what?
Do you dare to unwrap the tike? Or do you just “go”?

“When you gotta go, you gotta go. I do always make sure to move aside any tails before sitting down. If they’re really long I’ll tuck them up.” – Member

Just Go!

Especially for public restrooms– babywearing keeps your baby away from touching random surfaces or crawling under stall walls. However, depending on your clothing choices + carrier this could be easier said than done.

For those who stand to pee:  this is really quite easy, technically speaking, for you. Simply unzip and “go”. Though you may want to consider using a stall when using a public restroom with inquisitive ankle-biters (for the sake of others in the restroom).

“Not sure if anyone cares, but from a male perspective it can be be fairly simple, provided the restroom has a urinal (full floor length is even better)… If not though, things can deteriorate quickly, especially if trying to “aim” around a front carry. Other options have included finding either a family restroom, or handicap stall with a changing table to strap them down briefly. Although that rather defeats the purpose at hand of going while wearing.” -Member

For recumbent urinators: this is where things can get tricky– you do not want any part of your carrier to touch the toilet, floor or *shudder* the water in the bowl. For wraps and ring slings, tuck in the tails. For SSC carriers check the excess strap length and tuck them in if too long. If you are wearing a long skirt, you can pull it up and over baby legs to keep them from dangling.

 I go while still wearing her- front or back carry, it doesn’t matter. The funny thing is, if we are at home and not baby wearing she will try to climb in my lap and sit on me as if she’s being worn WHILE I’m on the toilet! Haha” -Member

If you are wearing baby on your back, look at the back of the toilet and consider the amount of space your baby’s body and legs will need to be comfortable. Longer legs can be picked up and wrapped around the hips or waist of the wearer as they sit down. If you find that there just won’t be enough room for you and the baby, you can straddle the toilet backwards (sit facing the wall).


Wiping: wearing your baby on your front will make wiping after #1 more difficult unless you have long arms or a tiny baby, and wearing on your back will make it difficult to wipe after #2.

“I usually just go while still wearing her unless we’re at the library then I put her in the fun little seat on the wall. It makes wiping very interesting… I do a wide squat wipe while holding her butt up a bit to get at my bits. She thinks it’s funny when I do it for some reason. Gets a giggle every time. I think I bounce her a little to get her up higher.” – Member

Which brings me to #2…

You could always “hold-it” but that isn’t healthy– and for some mamas postpartum it isn’t an option.

Bottom line: when you gotta go, you gotta go. However, certain carries/carriers can restrict the abdominal muscles that are needed for a bowel movement. Even those carriers or carries that encircle the waist which don’t seem restrictive while standing, may become snug enough when sitting to restrict the muscles, add to this the weight of a baby on your stomach (and potentially taxed postpartum muscles). If this it is a problem, simply loosen the waist and use your hands/arms to gently lift the weight of your baby off your stomach– alternatively you can use something to elevate your feet (step stool, trash can, stall wall) helping you to achieve a more squat-like position will help.

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