Carry of the Week with Kelsey: Rebozo!

 This week we are going to do the Rebozo carry. Can’t decide between a ring sling or a wrap? How about both with a Rebozo? This traditional Mexican carry is can be done with as little as a 1, or you can do it with a 7 and just pretend the tail is the train on the gorgeous ball gown you should be wearing daily instead of breast milk stained yoga pants and ratty old t-shirt. Again I have linked two videos. One for doing it as a front carry with a newborn (or really any size baby) and the other for doing it on your back once you feel comfortable doing it. Enjoy! I’ll do both a front and back carry for you.

From Kelsey:

Both were done with a size 3 Oscha Starry Night Raven. Clara is still 3 months old and the goofy bugger on my back is Cam. He is 2 1/2 year old. He begged to be my model. Silly munchkin refused to be worn on my back when we actually were wearing regularly.

From Renee:

Rebozo carry using purchased athletic mesh ( DIY water sling).

Recommended Instructional Videos:

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