Pre- and Post-natal Babywearing: Using Carriers For Comfort During and After Pregnancy

Part One: During Pregnancy

Update (8/14): Mothering Magazine just published an article on this.

Prenatal babywearing is a form of belly-binding. It has been practiced for generations in many cultures, often using the same cloth intended to carry the baby in after birth. The fabric supports the growing belly, distributing the weight through out the cloth, helping to center it over the pelvis, protecting the spine and correcting posture. It can relieve round ligament pain, pelvic pain, sciatica as well as speed up labor and prodromal labor, as described by The Feminist Breeder here.

 It works by gently hugging the belly, pulling it in and up, tipping the uterus and baby on top of the cervix and closer to the spine so that the pelvis can tuck under (pelvic tilt) reducing sway back. Correct alignment of the spine and pelvis releases pinched nerves, soothes bulging disks, and can offer a sense of well being.  For those experiencing prodromal labor, tipping the baby onto the cervix helps keep their head engaged, triggering the Fergunson reflex (sustained contractions and the urge to push).

From Kelsey: 

 This was done with a looooong 6 (4.9m) Didymos India Holi. And I was ~37 weeks pregnant.

Recommended Instructional Videos:

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