Carry of the Week with Kelsey: Front Cross Carry

For those of you used to a Moby and it’s poppableness (yes that is a word) this is the carry for you. Wrap it on yourself and pop baby in an out as you run your errands. This is slightly different from a FWCC as it doesn’t have the “Cumberbund” pass, which uses less wrap to do.

Great for snowy, rainy, icky days when you don’t want to drag your tails on the ground. Typically this is done with your base size so a 5 or a 6 would work well. I have included a video for a knotless variation which I found quite fun. (I do apologize for the length of that video as she endlessly fiddles with the rails. I got bored and started fast forwarding. Feel free to do the same.) Let me know what you think!

From Kelsey:

I decided to try the knotless finish. I was easily able to do it with a 4. This was done with a size 4 Didymos Jim Rubin.

From Aradia & Leslie:
… many, many, many moons ago– when putting filters and copyrighted music on youtube videos was 
de rigueur. 

Recommended Instructional Videos: 

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