Carry of the Week with Kelsey: Short/ Simple Cross Carry (SCC)

Thanks for your patience while I moved and adjusted. With all the rain and mud and muck we’ve been having I thought a poppable carry was in order. Poppable carries are ones where you can pre wrap and pop baby in and out. You might need to retighten, but you don’t have to worry about tails dragging. This is a great carry for in the winter under a coat, in the rainy season, or just for the in out of errand running. It is the Short Cross Carry (SCC). I have also heard it referred to as the Simple Cross Carry. I managed to eek this one out in a 3, but I highly recommend a 4 or possibly even a 5 if you are fluffier mama. I do not recommend this one for leaners as there is no straight across pass. Only the X.

This was done with a size 3 Oscha Roses Eros. Clara is 4 months old… and here is a pic of what the back look likes.

Recommended Instructional Video: 

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