Carry of the Week with Kelsey: Update

I am very sorry to announce that the beautiful and talented Kelsey threw her back out on Tuesday…

So no Carry of the Week, this week, I’m afraid.

HOWEVER, dear readers, despair not– I have offer a wonderful suggestion:

Wrap You In Love
“Don’t mind if I do…”  No. Not quite. Read on!

This mama has a fantastic Website, YouTube Channel and Facebook page. She demonstrates wrapping very realistically (going through the motions of tightening and retying when a rail isn’t quite right, instead of editing it out of her videos). Her kiddos are adorable, but that is an aside to the great tutorials (and hair). There are videos on every which way to wear a halfling, how to incorporate Sling Rings and how to do tandem carries.She does a fabulous job showing the versatility of a wrap– and of wraps of varying sizes in her series “What Can I do with a __ size wrap?”

AND no. I don’t personally know her. None of the Iowa City Babywearers owe her money… and I am not aware of any “dirt” she has on anyone in the group. (Just in case you’re wondering.)

On Facebook
On Youtube

Her Website

Sample Video:

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