Winter Babywearing: Part Two

Part Two of our Winter Weather series. Here, moderators and members offer their suggestions for keeping warm while babywearing this winter– without spending a fortune.

It’s that time of year again! Brrrr! Last year I posted part one of Winter Babywearing.
Northface Coat on me + super-bundled baby in bear-bodysuit + knit hat,  wrapped outside coat with extra pass over his noggin' to keep the wind at bay.
Northface Coat on me + super-bundled baby in bear-bodysuit + knit hat,
wrapped outside coat with an extra pass over his noggin’ to keep the wind at bay
This year we have more tricks and tips from our moderators and members!
“There are several different options and none of them are really any better or worse than others. Here are my tips. I own a coat that is several sizes too large for me (It’s actually my husband’s old snowboarding coat). I will put on a carrier that is “poppable” under neath it before I even leave the house. Options are a ring sling that is pre-threaded and adjusted so all you need to do is tighten up the top rail once baby is in, or I also like a shorty wrap done in a Front Cross Carry. Then when I get to my location I take baby out of car seat and pop in the carrier. Tighten up only takes a handful of seconds and then I zip up the coat around us both. As for clothing, I always have my kiddos in a thin fleece coat/jacket/sleeper/whatever. The fleece keeps them warm for the short period they are in the cold and isn’t bulky in the car seat. If you don’t have a coat large enough to fit both of you then I would keep the baby in a fleece and also wear once yourself under the carrier. Then on top you can make a no sew poncho that covers both of you. There are lots of tutorials out there. Make sure you have hats and mittens for the little as the hands and ears are the most likely to get cold quickly. Hope that helps.”- Kelsey
“For a baby under a year, I tend to dress him/her in layers (long-sleeved onesie, shirt, light/fleece jacket with hood/hat/mittens) and tuck pants into socks or use Baby-Legs to minimize risk of any exposed ankle. As long as we’re moving rapidly from one warm place to another (house to car, car to store, etc.) that’s all they wear, and I typically snuggle baby close and/or partially wrap them in my coat or the carrier during the move from one place to another (and wrap up properly inside, or in a “poppable” carry outside the car as long as it’s not windy). I keep heavier gear in the car in case of breakdown or other emergency where we might be outside for a long period, but I tend to avoid over-bundling since I hate it myself. ” -B
How Hai Stays Warm: SUPER MOM!

“We use Columbia fleece jackets since they aren’t bulky & can stay on safely in the car seat too. And usually dress babe in maxaloones or with baby legs on under regular pants. That way I can keep his legs covered. And this year I bought the boba hoodie to try, so far I’m not in love with it but it isn’t terrible to throw on for an extra layer.” -Member

“I recommend a product like this infant bunting. It is super warm and incredibly thin. Safe to keep on in the car seat, doesn’t interfere with carrier sizing, and the hands and feet have the flip-cap things so hands and feet stay warm. Baby has full-range of motion, which helps getting into the knees-higher-then-butt positioning. I can’t recommend it enough. It is a little bit slippery, but it’s so thin that it’s easy to keep hold of the LO.” – Aradia

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