Carry of the Week with Kelsey: Charlie’s Cross Carry

Carry of the Week! This week is Charlie’s Cross Carry.

This is the first time I tried this carry. To be honest, it was a pain in the ass. It took me 10 minutes to do, I tried a knot less finish and it kept slipping, I didn’t have her high enough at first and had to completely redo it. I couldn’t just bounce her higher because of the waist pass. I broke out in a sweat! But once I finally got her up there and figured out how to tie it, I found it surprisingly comfy. I might try a ring finish next time.

I would recommend your base size for this until you practice some. Then base minus one should work fine. I did this carry with a Risaroo Kerrington Cassis 6 that I have here on loan. Clara is 10 months old.

Click here for a Photo Tutorial from Wrap Your Baby.


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