(Video): Babywearing While Pregnant, Carry of the Week: Half-Jordan’s Carry with Kelsey

(Originally Published Nov. 3, 2013 as Kelsey’s video demo while she was still pregnant with Clara.)

This a simple carry that can use several different variations to customize it for your specifications. I added a Candy Cane Chest Belt (CCCB) to both use up extra wrap and to bring in the shoulder straps more on my narrow shoulders. This can be done with a 2 if you want to tie at your shoulder and 3 if you want the belt. This is a great carry if you hate waist straps. Also good for pregnant mamas or maybe c section mamas.

This was done with a size 3 Rainbow Frog handwoven (Somewhere Over the Rainbow) that I have here on a temporary trade. Clara is 11 months old ( and she will be for another whole week. I refuse to say she’s one until she’s actually one *sob*)

And here was Clara 5 minutes later. Out like a light.

Other recommended instructional videos:



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