Library vs. Library: New Meeting Location

For years and years our group met at a vegan coffee shop in Iowa City… then it became necessary to find a new, more secure, location. We began meeting at the Iowa City Public Library, booking meeting rooms for our events. Then, by member request, we added a Tuesday meeting, which we started holding at the Coralville Public Library.

In February we started thinking about the pros and cons of each location. Both are accessible, public, free to use, clean, etc. However, CPL offers free parking, including covered underground parking. There are bathrooms attached to the meeting rooms. The meeting rooms, though there are fewer of them, but they are larger. One of the meeting rooms includes a kitchenette!

At ICPL, our guests and the moderators have to park in the ramp, about a block away, and haul their kids, carriers, etc. to the library. After the first hour they have to pay for parking, or plug a meter. If the adult, or children, need to use the toilet, they have to trek out of the meeting rooms to very public, very busy, restrooms (accessible to people passing through the lobby from the street).

For these reasons, and more, we have decided to start holding our Saturday meetings at the Coralville Public Library, starting in April. When the weather allows for it, we will begin hosting meetings at Happy Hollow park again.

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