Jan 2017 Meeting Minutes

This month the theme was first-time back carries using SSC, mei-tais, and wraps.

17692413_10154828843753891_1273020707_o1. We were finally able to livestream! If you aren’t able to attend a meeting in person, you can join along through our Youtube channel and ask questions in real time. If you subscribe on YT, you will get notifications when we go live or post new videos.

During the meeting, Kelsey demonstrated the following carriers:

  • (SSC) Fidella Fusion Buckle Carrier in Persian Paisley Smoke, babysize
  • (wrap) Didymos double sided Rosalinde
  • (WCMT) Girasol Symphou
  • (SSC, showing buckle detail) Lenny Lamb in Norwegian Diamond
  • (SSC) ABC in Elle (elephant)

2. How to carry baby stuff while babywearing:

  •  Tekhni Hipsack or other hip pouch/fanny pack
  • Some brands of SSC offer backpack accessories that attach to the carrier, like Ergo.
    Or, find a cross-body diaper bag that has a detachable strap.

3. Reinforced Ruck

4. Three ways to get your baby on your back:

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting! Our next meeting will be Feb 4th, 10-11 a.m. location TBA. 🙂

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