March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Our intern supervises the livestream while Hai demos a stretchy wrap.

Thanks to everyone who made it out! Today’s theme was newborn carries with a dash of tandem wearing. We had some difficulties with our livestream (i.e. McAffee decided to restart the computer mid-meeting) so our the video isn’t available.

Stretchy Wrap review:

  • Ideal for preemies and newborns, but not beyond. Stretchy wraps are not as supportive as woven wraps making it difficult to comfortably (and perhaps safely) wear heavier or stronger babies regardless of position.
  • A front wrap cross carry is the most typical carry in a stretchy wrap. One of the benefits of a stretchy wrap (versus a woven wrap) is that it is pre-wrappable and poppable. This means that you can pre-tie the wrap and then put baby inside, as well as remove baby without having to untie the wrap. Once the wrap is a snug as you want it you can leave it that way throughout your day, if desired.
  • It is possible to nurse hands-free (in multiple positions) in a stretchy wrap.
Kelsey demos a No- Sew Ringsling

Ring Sling Review:

  • Ringslings can be a fast option for running errands, hands-free nursing, and warm weather babywearing. We recommend placing newborns upright, facing the wearer, with legs out or “froggied” (baby’s preference) higher on the chest. It’s important to fine-tune the pouch (using the tail) so that newborn spines are well supported and not curving in or to the side. When the pouch is properly adjusted you should be able to bend forward without any space between you and your baby. So long as the top rail of the pouch is supporting a newborn’s shoulders and neck, their heads do not need to be covered unless you want them to be.
  • Look for ringslings with open tails and without padding or elastic in the hems of the pouch. Closed-tail ringsling with padded or elasticized hems on the pouch are a recipe for disaster as the pouch is not adjustable. They are bag slings (recalled) by another name.
  • This video demonstrates how to thread and tighten a ring sling:
  • And these videos demonstrate how to create a No Sew ring sling using sling rings.

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