April 2017 Meeting Minutes

17776766_10154828842993891_1863321114_oThanks to everyone who came out! Once again, the theme was newborn carries and carriers! ❤ The live stream video is currently being edited but once it’s ready it will be available on this post and on youtube.

  • SSC’s (Soft-Structured Carriers) for newborns:
    • Newborns often require narrower, elevated seating within the carrier to compensate for narrower hips and knees, as well as shorter bodies. This can come in the form of a folded blanket or infant insert–or a convertible SSC, examples include:
      • Lillebaby
      • Ergo Adapt
      • Boba
  • Stretchy wraps for newborns:
    • stretchy wraps are very forgiving for new wrappers as the thicker, stretchy material hugs instead of forming pressure points from uneven tensioning.
    • stretchy wraps are pre-tied, so that you aren’t having to deal with a length of fabric while handling your newborn.
      • The Baby K’tan is made of a stretchy material that functions like a wrap but is structured, two loops of material are connected by a small ring of the same material. We’ll have a video coming soon.

We had some questions about washing carriers– check out our “How to Wash Your Carriers” post here.  And about sewing your own ring sling– check out Kelsey’s DIY tutorial here.  AND about how to donate to our group– check out our Donations page.

We also discussed dining out with your baby when they are interested in participating but too young for a booster seat or high chair. Kelsey demonstrated how to situate your LO using a ring sling so that they can be part of the family meal, or even trying out Baby-Led Weaning.

And on a tip from a member, we took off after the meeting to grab a new carrier for our lending library from a local consignment store: Lillebaby All-Season Tokidoki. It’ll be available to check out from our lending library soon!


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