July Meeting Minutes

There were a lot of familiar faces this month! We love to see folks come back each month, even if it’s just to hang out. The more the merrier! We talked about our new Lending Library carrier donated by Tula, the pros and cons of different styles of Lillebaby brand carriers and onbuhimos, sunscreen, and ring slings!

Starting next month, we are going to try something new for our livestream. We normally livestream on Youtube but we are going to try livestreaming via the Facebook discussion group page. 

Check out what Tula sent us for our Lending Library: Tula “Free to Grow”! This carrier adjusts from newborn through toddler using a combination of sliders and snaps. Kelsey tried it with Faux Bebe and her three-year-old:


The width is adjusted with sliding snaps along the waist belt:

The height of the body is adjusted with nylon webbing slides:

One of our members had borrowed the new-to-ICBW Lillebaby All-Season while waiting for her Lillebaby Airflow to arrive. She noticed that with the All-Season the storage pocket is unusable if the panel that exposes the mesh is zipped down (for use in hot weather), with the Airflow, the entire body of the carrier is made of mesh and the pocket built into it. So if you like storing items in a carrier’s pockets, this is something to take note of with Lillebaby.


Onbu’s or Onbuhimo’s (and why we use either name for them) come in both buckle and tie varieties. Buckle-Bu’s are compact and very quick to put on or take off, once adjusted for size. Tie-on Onbu’s are more traditional and in some ways more customizable as you control every aspect of the body and straps of the carrier. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find brands that carry off-the-rack tie-on onbu, they are most likely custom-made or wrap conversions.

If you find that your LO is straightening their legs in a ring sling, chances are that the inner rail (the hem which should be behind their knees in a seated position) isn’t tight / high enough and the pouch (which should be supporting their butt) isn’t deep enough. Aim for getting the inner rail tighter and higher than you think you need it and hold it in place behind LO’s knees as you let the fabric of the carrier take the weight of their butt and body. Then pull the slack fabric towards rings and pull it out through the tail.

It’s summertime in Iowa City, all the slinglings can be seen with their little bare legs and sometimes arms sticking out of carriers in the sunshine. How do you protect your little one’s skin? It is generally recommended that children use physical sunscreen, as opposed to chemical sunscreen. Physical sunscreen reflects UVA and UVB rays immediately on contact and isn’t absorbed into the skin, whereas chemical sunscreens absorb UVA and UVB rays before your skin does. Chemical sunscreens can contain endocrine disrupting chemicals which are absorbed into the skin and they can take up to 45 minutes to start working– and they can stain fabrics– stains which only get worse with time as they oxidize.



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