August Meeting Minutes


August is the month for taking vacations, squeezing the last bits out of summer before back to school– which makes for a pretty slow meeting. We tested out the livestream to the Facebook group, well groups (having accidentally started livestreaming to the B/S/T page first). Streaming on Facebook is much more straight forward than using Youtube and is more convenient for our most active members so we will continue to use it going forward. This month we demonstrated how the Tula Free-to-Grow works for viewers.

Between Sizes Mei Tai:

A mama came in for help with her mei-tai. Her 4mo’s legs were turning purple after being carried in the mei-tai. Normally, the fix for this would be to cinch in the body of the carrier to make it narrower but Mama had already done this and it was making the height of the carrier too short. LO was too tall for newborn modification but with legs too short to be without one. So Kelsey tried a hack normally used for SSC’s in place of an infant insert: a folded cloth diaper. It created a narrower seat inside the body of the carrier so the sides of the carrier weren’t digging into LO’s legs and cutting off circulation.


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