October Meeting Minutes

Saturday Meeting

It was a gloomy rainy day in a series of rainy days; City Park is completely flooded and the rain shows no sign of relenting. Days like this are the reason we have our live stream, perfect for gross days when no one wants to drag themselves (let alone the kids) out of the house.


We talked with Lucy of the Latched on Mom Blog about carriers for bigger kids (25 – 80 lbs) with disabilities, she told us about a brand called “Freeloader“. The brand isn’t specifically for children with special needs however they encourage caregivers of disabled children to “ditch the wheelchair” and have adventures. It’s been featured in a couple trending videos, including one featuring an elementary school-age child with cerebral palsy. Freeloader also offers discounts on their carriers for families with special needs children.

We also had some questions about breastfeeding a newborn in a (Solly brand) stretchy wrap and in a ring sling. The video is still available in our Facebook group page (different from our public page), we keep the livestream in our closed group to limit the audience (i.e. limit the creepers). If you don’t have a Facebook account but want to see the video for the demonstration and tips, just send us a message or email (iowacitybabywearers at gmail) and we’ll send you a non-FB link.

RSVPing and Tuesdays

We decided to cancel the Tuesday meeting because we didn’t have any RSVP’s on our Facebook event page. Our weekday meetings are always a hit or miss but of late they have been more miss than hit. Kelsey does not live in Iowa City (she lives over 70 miles away) and has her preschooler in tow for our Tuesday meetings– after getting her older children off to school. So it’s really important for us to have some idea of how many (if any) people to expect– whether in person or via the livestream, on Tuesdays or Saturdays– so that we can plan accordingly, especially as the winter weather and flu season moves in.

So going forward we are suspending our Tuesday meetings, unless there is a special request from one of our Patreon Patrons or a meeting sponsor via PayPal. We are also going to add an RSVP feature to this website in the “Upcoming Events” widget so that people can RSVP without a Facebook account.

And remember that if you cannot or rather not attend a free public meeting, we offer private babywearing consultations.




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