November Meeting Minutes

We had a busy meeting this Saturday. A mom-to-be brought in a huge bag of carriers for us to demonstrate. It included an SSC with an infant insert which Faux Baby demonstrated very patiently (unlike most Real Babies). We also covered alternatives for boosting a newborn into a safe and comfortable position inside an SSC, including using the pillow of the infant insert alone (without the swaddle portion) or chucking the entire infant insert and just using a folded blanket to create a narrower and higher seat. If you’d like to see all the carriers demonstrated, check out the video of our livestream on our Facebook “main group” page. If you’re not on Facebook, you can contact us and we will send you a private link to the video.

Off of our livestream, we helped a member who originally posted to our group page about problems she was having getting a secure seat using a ring sling. Her original concern was that ring slings didn’t work for babies beyond the newborn stage, however, ring slings can work through preschool-age or until the child is too heavy or their legs are too long for comfortable carrying (and that’s mostly a personal preference).

HDD ring slingWhat was happening in this particular case was that the inner rail (hem) wasn’t high enough and the pouch (seat portion) too shallow, so when she placed the baby in their knees were dropping lower than their bottom (and he was a leg-straightener). Complicating this was that her ring sling was made of delicious buttery-soft bamboo fabric. So when she was trying to tighten the carrier through the rings with baby already in the carrier, the fabric would slip back through the rings to where it started. To overcome this, it was super important to start the inner rail even higher than we thought we needed it– like above the bust and snug– before getting baby into the carrier. Then it was a matter of ensuring he bent his knees so his butt could settle into the deepest part of the pouch. I do this by finding the inner rail hem with my fingertips and then holding it in place behind baby’s knees while leaning forward and pulling up on the outer rail of the fabric to take baby’s weight as they reflexively bend their knees. I demonstrate this in the very ancient Ring Sling 101 video. As an added measure with a leg-straightener, Kelsey recommended rolling the tail of the ring sling and tucking it behind baby’s knees.

As bonus nerdery, Kelsey demonstrated her No No No ring sling carry, which uses a wrap and tension alone to carry (no rings, no knots, no buckles).

Our next meeting is on December 1st, 10-11 a.m. in Meeting Room B at the Coralville Public Library. Kelsey will be bringing holiday refreshments (an ICBW December tradition). Even if you don’t have babywearing related questions, just stop by for some cookies! We hope to see you there! If you do plan to join us in person or on the livestream, please RSVP so we know to expect you. We also offer private consultations if you would like one-on-one in-home babywearing help outside of our free meeting times.

We could not offer our free meetings and lending library without member support, if you would like to become a supporting member you can check out our Patreon page or make a donation to our PayPal account. Or if you have a parenting-related business or family-friendly event, consider advertising through our group. We also accept gently used infant carriers and babywearing accessories for our lending library. Thank you!

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