January Meeting Minutes

Twins! We were honored to be the first non-doctor outing for twin sisters. Mom had two older kiddos and babywearing experience but wanted to get some help with her twin carrier.

For those of you unfamiliar with twin carriers, there are a couple brands and styles available. The one we helped with was a WeeGo brand twin front carrier. This carrier held both babies on the front, with an option for forward-facing. It was a bit over-engineered but functional. Each pouch opened to reveal an adjustable harness seat. The harness could be repositioned with snaps depending on the height of the baby, the lowest height (for tallest baby) would still only hold a young infant (which makes sense because only a martyr would wear twin toddlers side by side on their front).

The harness itself unzipped down the center to make getting baby’s legs into the leg holes. Once a baby is placed, the pouch covers the baby and features holes for legs and arms, though, with the newborns, they weren’t used. At the top of the pouch, around the neck opening, there was a nylon strap with a sliding buckle, which was the only place to adjust the size of the pouch. This means that the carrier isn’t particularly supportive without the inner harness seat and that supporting the infant’s neck was a little uncomfortable until we added a folded blanket as a cushion between the strap and the baby’s neck/shoulder area.

TwinGo Tandem Carrier

There are other styles of twin carriers, including front and back tandem carries which are more for older infants and toddlers. These function like other buckle carriers just doubled.

And there are other options for tandem wearing twins. Kelsey recommends two ring slings, one on each side. Another option is a mei-tai (meh-dai, if you prefer) with wide, extra long straps. The body of the mei-tai holds one infant on the back while the straps form a wrap-style carry on the front. Advanced wrappers have been able to use over-sized wraps to do tandem carries front and back, or both in front. For very young twins we have also seen parents placing twins together in a stretchy wrap, especially for skin-to-skin.


At the meeting, we demonstrated using a stretchy wrap (a one-size-too-small Baby K’tan) on the front with a buckle carrier on the back. Of course, this was for this mom’s particular situation: she would have assistance placing one of the twins, with an infant-insert pillow, on her back safely. This assistance is very important to ensure that the pillow and baby are positioned properly; we would not recommend this strategy for someone without assistance.

Have you tandem worn twins before? What was your favorite carrier or combination of carriers?

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