Patreon and Meeting Minutes

I love writing and we love providing free babywearing help at our monthly meetings. But it does take a lot of time and planning to host free meetings, and then there is the added time it takes to write up meeting minutes after the events. So, going forward, the meeting minutes of our free meetings will be reserved for patron’s only.

To become a patron, find us on Patreon, a secure platform that allows you donate on a one-time or on-going basis. There are different levels with different benefits, but whatever level you choose to support us at you’ll get a password to unlock patron-only posts here on our blog.

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Published by AW

Proficient nerd on most things baby/ culture/ history/book related. Disability advocate. Has a penchant for photography, languages, and panics when low on chocolate rations. Will embarrass self in any social situation to point out or pet other people's dogs. Habitual stumbler and tea drinker. People watcher, pizza slayer.

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