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Babywearing & Cerebral Palsy

At a recent meeting, Sylvia* introduced us to her two and half-year-old daughter, Emily. Sylvia and her extended family are going on a vacation later this year and wanted to learn about their options for using a carrier for Emily as her custom wheelchair will not go off-road. You see, Emily has cerebral palsy, a… Continue reading Babywearing & Cerebral Palsy

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A Hot Cuppa: Eating and Drinking While Babywearing

One of the more simple pleasures of babywearing for a parent is the ability to cradle your baby close AND hold a cup of tea/coffee/cider. However, like a litigious woman at a McDonald’s drive through know, accidents can happen. And when scalding liquid is involved it can be tragic. Never drink or eat hot things directly over… Continue reading A Hot Cuppa: Eating and Drinking While Babywearing