Meeting at the park
Meeting at the park

We host two meetings per month, on the first Saturday and third Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. These meetings are designed to give guests hands-on assistance with carriers, to allow guests to try on ICBW’s collection of carriers, and to help caregivers meet new people in the community.

Our meetings are free, very casual, and open to the public. People are welcome to come with specific questions or just to hang out. We try to help people on a first come-first serve basis and encourage anyone who attends to help other guests if they are knowledgeable about the issue and are comfortable doing so. There is no set agenda for meetings so feel free to arrive and leave at any time.

Children are very welcome. Food is allowed, however, you are responsible for your own messes. If you would like to bring food to share (thanks!) please have an ingredient list available for people with food sensitivities. We try to have a laptop and projector available so that, if necessary, children can be entertained with videos. However, the rooms we reserve are intentionally over-sized to give plenty of room for active play.

Our intern oversees the livestream during one of our meetings.

When the weather allows for it, we reserve a shelter at a local park, otherwise, we meet the Coralville Public Library due to its sheltered underground parking and entrance directly to the lower level meeting rooms. However, if there are member requests to host a meeting at the Iowa City or North Liberty libraries, we would be happy to accommodate those requests.

If you have questions or need troubleshooting advice but are not able to attend our meetings, check out our Youtube channel, Iowa City Babywearers as we will be streaming meetings live and taking questions from viewers.

Certain carriers will be available to check out as part of our Lending Library.

If you have questions or meeting location requests, please contact us!



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