To help our members we have created a local buy/sell/trade page.  This group is intended for Iowa City and surrounding area babywearers to purchase or sell used baby carriers and related items.  There are many national and international groups available but the benefits of a local group include dealing in cash as opposed to PayPal and being able to meet in person instead of mailing.  Babywearers outside of the immediate area are welcome to join but should be forewarned that sellers may choose to stick to local sales.  Following is a list of rules for the page.

Posts from infant carrier manufacturers or wholesalers are strictly prohibited.

All transactions are peer-to-peer and independent of the Iowa City Babywearers. Buyer, Trader, and Seller beware. However, if you have a bad experience with another member, please inform the moderators so we can keep track of complaints.
Please use the Sale feature to sell your item. It is easier for people to search. Please mark items as sold when they are.

Recalled items will be removed from the board and the member given a warning. Please research the carrier you are offering for sale before posting, second offenses will result in blocking from the B/S/T group and the Iowa City Babywearers group.

DIY carriers are welcome to be sold on the board, but please be knowledgeable of the construction. If we as admins deem it to be unsafe it will be deleted with an explanation message sent to you. First and second offenses apply here as well.
Babywearing related items are allowed within reasonable boundaries. Examples of items that are allowed: Babywearing coats/cloaks/ponchos, Wrap scraps, items made with wrap scraps (please use discretion and do not use our page as your personal store), babywearing bags, and babywearing/nursing necklaces (i.e. silver link necklaces). Examples of items not allowed: cloth diapers, nursing accessories, items you have made specifically to sell.

If you have questions about a carrier (or accessory) please ask one of our moderators or post a question to the main group page before posting it for sale or trade– OR purchasing one.
Please keep all chatter to the main group page.

The group is closed and you must request to join.  That means that posts are only visible to other members of the group.  However, the member list is visible to anyone.


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