Lending Library

Lending Library: 

All carriers in our lending library are available to try on at the meetings. If you meet the criteria and agree to the rules listed below, you are eligible to check out a carrier to try at home between meetings.

1) you must attend two consecutive Saturday meetings before you will be allowed to borrow from the library. This helps us understand your needs and ensures that you understand how to use the carrier you borrow.

2) in order to borrow a carrier you must provide a check in the amount of the cost of carrier replacement. The check will need both your current address and phone number and be made out to Iowa City Babywearers. We will hold the check until the carrier is returned to us in the same condition it was lent. The check will then be returned to you. If cannot afford to submit a deposit for a carrier, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

3) you agree that will not wash the carrier without contacting us first. You agree to return the carrier in the same condition it was checked out in or pay for damages– carrier values are listed next to the name of the carrier.

4) carriers will be checked out from one monthly meeting to the next monthly meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting where you are to return the carrier please make alternate arrangements with us (through email, FB, twitter, website, instagram, or even youtube).

When you check out a carrier at our meeting you will be required to fill out the following form. If you have questions or concerns about our lending library please contact us.

Carrier Donations:

If you are a community member or business that would like to donate carriers to ICBW for use at our meetings, in our lending library, for giveaways, or to sell– please contact us! And thank you for your support!

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