November Meeting Minutes

We had a busy meeting this Saturday. A mom-to-be brought in a huge bag of carriers for us to demonstrate. It included an SSC with an infant insert which Faux Baby demonstrated very patiently (unlike most Real Babies). We also covered alternatives for boosting a newborn into a safe and comfortable position inside an SSC, [...]

July Meeting Minutes

After roasting for what feels like weeks, today was absolutely gorgeous! One of those mornings we wished we'd hosted outside. But it was a great meeting all the same. The theme was RING SLINGS! Water ring slings, newborn ring slings, hands-free nursing ring slings. We also helped get a 10-day-old sleepy squish (with a mop [...]

Babywearing & Cerebral Palsy

At a recent meeting, Sylvia* introduced us to her two and half-year-old daughter, Emily. Sylvia and her extended family are going on a vacation later this year and wanted to learn about their options for using a carrier for Emily as her custom wheelchair will not go off-road. You see, Emily has cerebral palsy, a [...]

(Video): Babywearing While Pregnant, Carry of the Week: Half-Jordan’s Carry with Kelsey

Half-Jordan's Carry is a simple carry that can use several different variations to customize it for your specifications. I added a Candy Cane Chest Belt (CCCB) to both use up extra wrap and to bring in the shoulder straps more on my narrow shoulders. This is a great carry if you hate waist straps or for pregnant mamas or women who have had c-sections.