April Meeting Minutes

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to our April meetings! They were wonderfully busy and a special thanks to Hai who stopped by just to hang out and stayed to help. ❤ This month we’re diving into questions about wraps and narrow-based harness carriers, facing out and what to do when your […]

March Giveaway: Sling Rings!

In honor of our tenth year, we will be hosting giveaways throughout 2017. This month we’re giving away a pair of sling rings, winner’s choice of color!   To enter: 1. Check out our video tutorials for  Robin’s Double Hammock with at Ring or No-Sew Ring Sling and leave a comment about what carry you want […]

February Giveaway!

In honor of our tenth year, we will be hosting giveaways throughout 2017. This month, we are happy to offer a sample size of Crunchy Clean diaper laundry detergent sample in vanilla-lavender (good for 11 regular loads or 22 loads in an HE washer!) It’s not just for diapers either,  Kelsey recommends this for cleaning carriers […]

Jan 2017 Meeting Minutes

This month the theme was first-time back carries using SSC, mei-tais, and wraps. 1. We were finally able to livestream! If you aren’t able to attend a meeting in person, you can join along through our Youtube channel and ask questions in real time. If you subscribe on YT, you will get notifications when we […]

Carry of the Week with Kelsey: Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder (DRS2S)

Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder is most commonly shortened to DRS2S. It is exactly what it sounds like; two rebozo passes with a chest belt that goes from one shoulder to the other. This is typically done with your base size. You can choose to do it with a shorter wrap as I have, it just means you will have to tie under their bum instead of around your waist.

Carry of the Week with Kelsey: Norwegian Wiggleproof Carry

Norwegian Wiggleproof Carry.  Let me tell ya, ladies. I have fallen in love. My little leaner and squirmer was trapped. She was high, she was tight, and she was comfy. And nothing around my waist which I love and which is great for pregnant wearers, those with painful c-section scars or just people who hate waist belts.  I […]